William Evans was Mayor until 2010 at which time Mike Schmitt was elected Mayor. Council members are President of the Council, Don Mackel, Duane Miller, Mike Dvorak and Jim Kittelson. Remaining as City Clerk is Vicki Miller, Don E. Poulsen as Utilities Superintendent, along with Randy Henn, who joined the maintenance department in June 1994.


In 1987, the City office moved to Main Street from the fire hall. The City offices became computerized in November 1988. In 1997 the offices moved back to the building previously housing the Senior Center and was purchased by the City for $50,000 in 2008.


Beginning in February 2011, the City eliminated the police department and now has county-wide law enforcement coverage. Security cameras installed in 2004 also provide additional protection.


Elgin currently remains a city of second class, due to the passing of an ordinance on December 5, 1994. The ordinance passed after the population decreased below second class city status to village status.





Elgin City Hall

104 Pine Street

PO Box 240

Elgin, NE 68636

Phone: 402.843.5822




Elgin Community Center

124 S 2nd Street

Elgin, NE 68636

Phone: 402.843.5757



Elgin Public Library

503 S 2nd Street

Elgin, NE 68636

Phone: 402.843.2460

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